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I’m Jen, a 40-something living in



– j


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  • Amelie is a great movie, one I watch over and over. I love your blog – such a clever idea. I’m an English teacher, so I love that your reading or rereading all the classics, many of which I have never read. Best of luck on your project; I’ll be keeping tabs on you through your blog. Best!

  • I’m nominating you for the Blogger Recognition Award! Congrats! 🙂 My post will go live tomorrow (July 31st, 9pm IST) at All the guidelines will be posted at the bottom of the post. Congrats again!

  • Hi Jen!
    We saw that you visited china only once  If you come across with the opportunity to visit this old Portuguese colony named Macau let us know! We would love to show U around.

    • Thanks for the message. I spent time Macau when I was in Hong Kong back in 2010. Is that where you live? It is such a cool place.

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