Vacha Trust: An Girls’ Empowerment Organization Working in Mumbai

Vacha Trust is an organization in Mumbai, India that works to empower girls living the in nearby slum communities. The organization began as a resource center, but now offers training for girls so that they can be active citizens in their community. They teach leadership, communication, English, computer skills, and photography.

What I love most about this organization is that they provide the girls with opportunities to raise their voices and practice their newly learned leadership skills. The picture above is from a competition day organized by the older girls during the summer for younger kids in the community. As one of the teachers told me, “You can’t teach them about leadership and say no when they want to spend a Saturday planning an event for the community.” (Read more about that event here.)

Vacha is entirely run by Indian women living in the community. They are passionate and inspiring.

How to get involved?

There are three ways to get involved:

Donate – Donations are used to support and expand their current programs, which you’ll see from looking at their website are quite extensive.

Volunteer – There are so many meaningful ways to volunteer with Vacha. From researchers wanting to gather data in the field, to those wanting to help with craft or photography projects, I think there is something for everyone. They also are always looking for people interested in helping to create advocacy material.

Advocate – Raising your voice on behalf of Vacha can be a meaningful way to get involved. Being passionate about Child Rights, Girls’ Rights and Human Rights, disseminating advocacy material prepared by Vacha in your networks, sharing their blog or Facebook posts, or arranging for a gathering of your friends, family, and acquaintances to screen one of Vacha’s videos in support of girls’ rights.

If you’re interested in more information, vist Vacha’s website or by emailing

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