Niranjana Public Welfare Trust

Niranjana Public Welfare Trust works in a small village just outside of Bodhgaya, Bihar. The Trust works in many different capacities: they have a school, a healthcare clinic, an orphanage, and they help provide resources for farmers in the community.

The school is just a short walk from Bodhgaya, a popular Buddhist pilgrimage destination because of the Bodhi Tree where Buddha obtained enlightenment.

I was fortunate to spend time at Niranjana during summer 2010 working with the students in the school and the orphanage.

The principal and the teachers at NPWS are wonderful, as are the students. I typically would join the students in the morning for chai and biscuits before heading to the school for the day. Since I was there during the hot summer months, the school operated on a heat schedule. We started very early and let out shortly after lunch. I used the time between the end of the school day and dinner to go back to my guest house to relax or wander around Bodhgaya. Around dinnertime, someone from the school would pick me up on a motorbike, and I would join teachers and the boys living in orphanage for dinner on the roof of the school. This was my favorite part of the day, as we would watch the sun set while talking and sharing a meal. This is also when some of the boys would ask me to help them with their English, which was something I always enjoyed.

Interested in Getting Involved? 

Meaningful Ways to Help:

  • Donate (The school is always expanding to better meet the needs of the students. In recent years, they built a satellite school so that students won’t have to walk as far. Your donation could help ensure that they have the financial means to continue their projects.)
  • Volunteer (The Trust benefits from volunteers from around the world. University students from Japan visit the school often, funding projects, hosting art festivals, and sharing their culture. Volunteers from Australia have assisted with the health clinic, a former volunteer from New Zealand designs and maintains the organization’s website. There are lots of meaningful ways to get involved, and the volunteers from across the globe develop a community of their own. It’s a special organization to be a part of.)

For more information, visit the Niranjana website or email the founder, Siddhartha Suman, at

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